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Check the complete list of all constructors in Formula 1 since 1950.

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Rules & Regulations

The Formula 1 regulatory body, the FIA, releases two differentiated set of rules: First, the Sporting Regulations that defines track behavior, the point system, etc. Secondly the technical regulations, which cover every single aspect related to the cars and their construction.

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Rules Changes

Commonly, every single year, the FIA, FOM and the teams, discuss new ways to improve the sport, adjust rulings, reduced cost and other determinations. The last revision before any change takes place is released in early December after the annual FIA convention.

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Formula 1 could very well write a dictionary for the thousands of terms, from the colloquial, to the technical that make the day-to-day discussion, which sometimes might hard to follow, reason why we try to list them here.

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United Arab Emirates
Nov 23
United Arab Emirates

F1 Standings

1 Lewis Hamilton 334
2 Nico Rosberg 317
3 Daniel Ricciardo 214
4 Sebastian Vettel 159
5 Valtteri Bottas 156
6 Fernando Alonso 155
1 Mercedes 651
2 Red Bull Racing 373
3 Williams F1 254
4 Ferrari 208
5 McLaren 167
6 Sahara Force India 124

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Last F1 Race

Brazilian Grand Prix
Sao Paulo, Interlagos
Nico Rosberg
Lewis Hamilton
Felipe Massa
Williams F1
Fastest Lap


Pole Position

Nico Rosberg

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