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Rule Changes for 2012

February 2012 (F1plus Team).- Like every yea, the Formula 1 regulating entity, the International Automobile Federation (FIA), made changes on the rules and regulation that will affect the upcoming 2012 season.

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Part of the motivation for theses changes has to do with safety, so to reduce lap times, crash prevention, etc. However, the Sporting Regulations tweaks plainly work to improve the show, and why not the better set the limits for behavior on the track.

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  • All engines standard ECU set up and control parameters, which were formerly contained only within a Technical Directive, are now contained within the relevant parts of the Technical Regulations.
  • The exhaust tailpipes are now strictly regulated in order to ensure that the aerodynamic effect exhaust gases have on the car is kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Better marking of in-car emergency switches operated by marshals are now stipulated.
  • The side impact structures will now have to be subjected to a further (upward) push-off test.


  • Cars may no longer take part in pre-season testing without having passed all crash tests.
  • There will now be a maximum race time of four hours to ensure that a lengthy suspension of a race does not result in a race that could run up to eight hours if left unregulated.
  • Before the safety car returns to the pits all lapped cars will be allowed to unlap themselves and then join the back of the pack, ensuring a clean re-start without slower cars impeding those racing for the leading positions.
  • Cars which were in the pit lane when a race is suspended will now be allowed to re-join the cars on the grid in the position they were in when the race was suspended.
  • Drivers may no longer leave the track without a justifiable reason, i.e. cutting a chicane on reconnaissance laps or ‘in’ laps to save time and fuel.
  • Drivers may no longer move back onto the racing line having moved off it to defend a position.
  • One three-day test will be carried out during the season, formerly there were none.
  • All stewards’ decisions which are not subject to appeal are now in one place instead of being in various places within the regulations.
  • All tyres allocated to a driver may now be used on the first day of practice; formerly only three sets were permitted.

Click below to access directly the FIA Regulations Documents.

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2012 Formula 1 Sporting Regulations

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2012 Formula 1 Technical Regulations

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