Team green scores F1 podium with fans

Caterham may not have scored a podium finish yet with their efforts on track, they have certinly done so in the hearts of their fans.
Friday, June 7, 2013

June 7th, 2013 (F1plus/E. Black).- Many have come to love the flashy green streak we see flash on our TV screens known as Caterham F1 Team. If you follow the team on Twitter, you fill find that there are only a handful of teams that really embrace this social media outlet. @MyCaterham is certainly one of them.

This open communication culture is present in more than just their Twitter feed. It's actually part of the team's philosophy.

During the Canadian GP, F1 Plus sat down with Tom Webb, Charles Pic, Giedo Van Der Garde. It is refreshing to have candid conversations with F1 teams and drivers, which doesn't feel as though they've been coached on towing the corporate line. While there is always a certain level of "guard" on, everyone was very relaxed and opened.

This open culture may have been imparted by Tony Fernandez. His idea, (according to Tom Webb) is that Formula one should be inclusive and not exclusive. Fernandez really believes that the fans should be front and center. As we are all F1 fans in one way or another, this is really refreshing.

Caterham is not yet a mid-field team, which is where they would have been based on their efforts, however the road has been quite a bumpy one. When Tony Fernandez was in discussions with F1 to enter the sport, it was understood that a budget cap would be implemented. As we all know, that has yet to materialize. There are always discussions about reducing budgets and cutting costs, measures are taken, such as eliminating in season testing and spare cars etc... Budget caps, however are seldom discussed and considered difficult to enforce.

On the topic of social media, Tom elaborated on the belief that the fans really help drive the sport and the teams should embrace them. Perhaps this is one of the reasons the @MyCaterham twitter account is an F1 fan favorite regardless of which flag they wave.

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