An F1 calendar proposal

Many of the classic tracks: Magny Cours, Zandvoort, Brands Hatch and Estoril seemed to be in an unfair oblivion state, can we bring them back?
Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 14, 2014 (F1plus/Kate Hewitt).- Formula 1’s heritage is something to be proud of. The champions it has produced, the breath-taking displays of race craft it has showcased and the continuous ways in which the sport has evolved over time is extremely commendable.

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The safety measures implemented have meant that F1 has not had a fatality for 20 years, and serious accidents are very rare. Cars have become faster, more reliable and with the ever increasing use of fancy aerodynamics, have also become more stable.

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It’s no secret that F1’s viewing figures are a rocky road, and they sometimes climb, and sometimes fall. However, lack of excitement and predictability are to blame, not so much one driver dominating.

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This year, Bahrain proved that the predictable race winner can be taken lightly if he is challenged and the rest of the grid is battling it out, too. The 2012 season supports this theory as the same driver won the championship for the third time in a row.

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Bahrain however, is not a track that excites the fans, and it’s not one that several fly out to. Europe holds a substantial amount of those fans, and whilst it does hold eight venues this year, there’s room for more that are easily accessible.

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The proposal is simple and quite frankly, I don’t know why it hasn’t been pitched yet. The European Grand Prix got axed at the end of 2012 due to insufficient funds to hold it at the Valencia circuit in Spain. However, I’d bet a lot on saying that circuits that don’t have the funds to host a race every year, have enough to host a Grand Prix every four or five years.

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This way, you can bring back firm fan favourite tracks such as Imola, Magny Cours, Zandvoort, Brands Hatch and Estoril and just rotate them each year. Obviously they have become outdated due to being unused and would need renovating and safety features put in place, but wouldn’t it be worth it?

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Instead of bringing in a random GP, like Azerbaijan, enforce one that could spark life into the sport and bring in vintage Formula 1. Spa, Monza and Suzuka are some of the most loved tracks on the calendar, and they are so for a reason.

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With three current French drivers, it seems logical for the French Grand Prix to make a comeback with Magny Cours. It’s problem was minor places to overtake, but with today’s gimmicks in KERS and DRS that may not be a problem. Monaco isn’t a typical circuit to overtake, but try telling that to Adrian Sutil or Sergio Perez who had a good go last year.

There are other complications to deal with, including licenses to hold a race at the chosen venue and race facilities would need updating too. But rather than spending money on designing and building brand new tracks, why not spend it on rejuvenating an old favourite?

New doesn’t always mean better and I’m not implying old means better either. But classic Formula 1 is what excites fans and changing a venue each year brings something fresh and different.

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