Austrian GP, the F1’s most beautiful goal of 2014

Amid all the controversial measures in the last few years, F1 took the right decision to go back to Spielberg.
Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 24, 2014 (F1plus/Bruno Ferreira)- In the recent years, F1 has been making some decisions that are at least questionable.

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Even without mentioning the oft-cited new engine rules, which can be seen as something necessary and unavoidable, it is possible to number some measures that made F1 as a whole more artificial: DRS, the highly degrading tyres, double points, and, more recently, the terrible exhaust amplifier and titanium skid blocks to create sparks.

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F1 also can be criticized because of its choices to hold races in places that never embraced the racing spirit, like Turkey and Korea, or at soulless circuits as Abu Dhabi.

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Despite all of that, F1 has hit the nail on the head with the decision to bring back the Austrian GP. The Spielberg Circuit, now called Red Bull Ring, represents what F1 really needs: tradition, identity, variety, passion.

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The circuit has a one of a kind rural landscape, which differs from what is seen in some of the other races of the calendar. The enthusiastic crowd is also a show in itself with packed grandstands all weekend, an antonym of the popularity of Yeongam for instance.

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The track layout is also unique. F1, the most important championship on the planet, has to have all kinds of circuits (fast, slow, street circuits), but almost every single track that entered the calendar in the last few years have standard features – medium speed corners, hairpins, long and wide straights, and a lap around 1min30s.

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Austria emerges as something refreshing amid all these brand new 5,5 km circuits, with its few high-speed corners, long straights, overtaking spots and tricky sectors. Last weekend’s pole position, around 1min08s, was a charm in a standardized F1.

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Amid all the terrible decisions and these questionable gimmicks that took place, maybe the Austrian GP can open F1’s eyes and teach about what are the things that the World Championship really needs.

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The recognition came in the middle of the race’s broadcast, with a public thank to Red Bull Ring’s owner, Dietrich Mateschitz, which means there is a chance that F1 realized how important it is to go back to its roots.

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Here in Brazil, the hot topic of the moment is the World Cup – so, to join in the football mood, the Austrian GP was the F1’s most beautiful goal of 2014.

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