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Cataluña considers dropping F1, MotoGP

The Circuit is widely used and serves also as preparation ground for the F1 season. Some might support the idea, given the lack of excitement on races held on the circuit.
Thursday, January 12, 2012

MADRID, Jan 2012 (AFP) - The government of Spain's northern region of Cataluña said Monday it is reconsidering its hosting of motor racing fixtures because of the perilous state of its finances.

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"We may reconsider holding Formula One and motorcycling Grands Prix here. It is not clear whether we can do so in the current climate," Catalan economy minister Andreu Mas-Colell said during an interview with RAC1 radio.

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"It is not the first thing we will reconsider, but in times like these we have to look line by line at what we are spending money on."

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Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya has a deal to host both the Formula One and MotoGP until 2016.

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The circuit has been a part of the F1 calender since 1991 and part of the MotoGP fixtures since 1992. But eventhough is even used as prepraration ahead of the season given its good mix of curves, chicanes, straights, etc...races there tend to be more in the boring side, especily becuase of the difficulty to overtake.

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Mas-Colell said the situation must be looked at carefully in order to make sure breaking a contract does not cost more than hosting the race.

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"There are contracts that are more expensive to maintain than to break," he added.

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Like other Spanish regions, Catalonia is under pressure from the central government to help bring Spain's deficit down and make sure the country does not get dragged into the debt crisis mire that has already forced Greece, Ireland and Portugal to seek financial bailouts.

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Late last year the regional government of Catalonia raised taxes, slashed public workers' salaries, and reduce said patients would now have to pay part of their health prescriptions

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2011 Spain GP race start.

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2011 Spain GP race start.

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