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F1 chief powerless to force teams to Bahrain

Formula One teams are reportedly reluctant to race in Bahrain this season amid ongoing concerns over security in the country.
Tuesday, April 10, 2012

LONDON, April 10, 2012 (AFP) - Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone admitted on Tuesday that he was unable to force teams to participate in this
month's Bahrain Grand Prix following a fresh outbreak of violence in the Gulf state.

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Formula One teams are reportedly reluctant to race in Bahrain this season amid ongoing concerns over security in the country.

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Last year's event was postponed following violent anti-government protests before eventually being removed from the schedule altogether.

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Now Ecclestone has confirmed that the fate of this year's event on April 22 could be decided by the teams as authorities in Bahrain confirmed seven
policeman were injured late on Monday in a bomb attack.

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"We've no way we can force people to go there," Ecclestone said.

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"We can't say, 'You've got to go' -- although they would be in breach of their agreement with us if they didn't go, but it doesn't help. Commercially, they have to go, but whether they decide to or not is up to them. I've had no-one say anything other than, 'We're going to be racing in Bahrain.'"

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Ecclestone added that, as far as he was concerned, this year's race was still on.

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"Yes. If the people in Bahrain are happy that they can run the event," he said. "We're not involved in any of the politics in Bahrain, over who is right
or wrong.

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"When you go to somebody's country you have to respect exactly how they run their country and the laws of that country. The National Sporting Authority in that country are the people who can say, 'Well, we think we'd prefer not to run the event.'

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"The promoter can also say, 'We don't want it because there is too much risk.'

"We've an agreement with (governing body) the FIA that Bahrain is a round of the world championship, and we've a contract with the promoters, but I want
to make clear it's nothing to do with finance."

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