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Pirelli want qualifying shootout rule changes

In a move that will add more spice to the already-unpredictable contests in qualifying seen this year, Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembrey said he is pushing for talks to revise the rules for Q3.
Saturday, May 26, 2012

MONTE CARLO, Monaco, May 26, 2012 (AFP) - Pirelli plan to introduce special 'super' qualifying tyres to stop Formula One teams sitting out the top-ten shootout to save tyres for a race, the Italian suppliers confirmed on Saturday.

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In a move that will add more spice to the already-unpredictable contests in qualifying seen this year, Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembrey said he is pushing for talks to revise the rules for Q3.

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Speaking ahead of Saturday's qualifying session for the Monaco Grand Prix, where qualifying is so important -- seven of the last 10 Monaco races have been won by the man on pole -- he said he will propose the changes at the next meeting of the Formula 1 Commission, the body that recommends regulations and changes to the ruling body, the International Motoring Federation (FIA).

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Hembrey said: "We need to get all 12 teams together and I will certainly ask to put it on the table at the next F1 Commission meeting.

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"Bernie (Ecclestone, Formula One's supremo) is keen on it. He does not feel (cars sitting out Q3) it is good for TV and we have been on record saying that, but equally, we appreciate the teams' point of view.

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"And it was unanimous when we last spoke to them that they felt the tactical intrigue created by not running and having fresh tyres was something that was good for the sport.

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"Where the real solution in that lies I don't know. We will offer what is needed and that can be anything from an extra set for those in Q3 to make them run, through to full qualifying for everybody. We are open to whatever solution the sport feels is best, but we feel running cars in Q3 is important."

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Mercedes boss Ross Brawn said: "There are two sides to every coin and is the show spoilt by the fact that some of the cars at the back of Q3 don't run?

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"I'm not sure it is. I think everyone's focused on what the guys fighting for pole are doing. But if there was genuine proof that the fans want ten cars running all the time in Q3 then we'd accept some extra tyres."

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