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Mclaren confirm double DRS plan

Despite the device being banned for 2013, the Woking (UK) based team just confirmed is currently working on it.
Thursday, August 2, 2012

August 2nd, 2012 (F1plus / Jack Leslie).- Mclaren have confirmed plans to create a double DRS device, similar to those used by Mercedes and tested by Lotus.

Earlier in the week it was confirmed that the double DRS device is to be banned from F1 in 2013, after the majority of the teams decided against the idea. However, Mclaren's Sam Michael confirmed the device is in development for 2012 as they continue to close in on Red Bull and Ferrari.

Mercedes launched their W03 with the double DRS device on the car, using tubing to carry air through a slot on the rear wing, down the car and releasing the air out in front of the car and therefore giving the effect of stalling the front wing. The mechanical part showed its true advantage in China, where long straights dominate.

Lotus put in an official protest after it emerged that the Mercedes car had a double DRS device but that was turned down. Since then they have developed a similar concept which was tested during Friday practice sessions in Germany and Hungary.

Mclaren's Sam Michael told Autosport "It's not like the Lotus one, but we have got a system like that, as for the chances of us bringing it, I don't know yet.
"We will look at all the programmes and see if it is feasible, because it requires work and it detracts from normal upgrades as well. So it is quite difficult to make the system work, as Lotus are discovering.

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But like anything in the pit lane, if we see a new idea then the guys jump on it, they analyse it and, if we decide that it will be a benefit to the team, then we will bring it in. There is possibly the question of a wasted resource on it. As for Lotus, they are damn quick already, and if they add that then they will be even quicker."

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