Singapore Street Fight

With the title race tightening up and the F1 calendar nearing its end, a night race in Singapore is the perfect backdrop for street fight - Formula One style.
Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 19th, 2012 (F1plus / Ernie Black).- Under dark skies, someone is going to flip the switch that is going to light up the streets of Singapore for a real scrap. No clubs, chains, bats, knives or guns will be used in this fight for supremacy.

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The combatants are going to use state of the art Formula One speed machines, armed with Pirelli rubber, horsepower and enough grip to tear the face off a grizzly bear. War will be waged as the "Generals" sit on the pit wall playing a strategic game of F1 chess, the platoon sits ready in the pit garage ready to pounce in support.

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A showdown at sundown under bright lights and on a street circuit ready to claim its victims if they dare to make a single error. The walls are cold and heartless, only the skilled and lucky may survive. Rivals will try not to tangle and Mother Nature may want to make things interesting with some rain and thunderstorms.

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This isn't a game, it's a race for the F1 crown and everything is still up for grabs. Ferrari's Alonso leads the charge with a chasing pack that is far too hungry to sit and watch him walk away with it. This race is so tight that any combination of wins and DNFs can and will affect the standings and overall title fight.

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McLaren are charging, Button and Hamilton are firing on all cylinders and both are a threat to Alonso no matter the conditions. Red Bull have not suddenly forgotten how to win. They lead the WCC and are eager to take control.

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Kimi is fearless and is looking forward to a night race where he can show his skills and ice cold nerves. Lotus team mate Grosgean is ready for battle, eager to play the role of spoiler. Williams and Mercedes have some tricks up their sleeves and may surprise the field when no one is looking. Sergio Perez will be auditioning for a role at a top team and with Sauber performing well, this could be a pivotal race for them.

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When those lights go out in Singapore, the heat and humidity will make life rather uncomfortable for everyone. Marina Bay could be pelted with pounding rains washing away grip and making visibility a challenge.

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If one had to script an exciting and epic Formula One race, one would have all of the above ingredients in the mix. My guess would be that the story would be called "Singapore Street Fight"...

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