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Formula 1 race in Russia on schedule for 2014

In spite of the always present speculation about the work progress, organizers are confident the event will take place as scheduled.
Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 27th, 2012 (F1plus Team).- All new Formula 1 venues seem to go through the typical scrutiny and speculation that involves the ever present question: will be it ready for racing?...well, apparently, the organizers of the 2014 Russian Grand Prix say so.

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The work in progress at Sochi. (Photo: Formula Sochi)

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In a statement released on Wednesday the organizers along with Formula 1 the facto venue designer, Hermann Tilke, confirmed development and building processes are on up to track; They are confident everything will be completed in time for the inaugural race in 2014.

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The new racing circuit is being built within the Winter Olympics area, since the event will take place next year at Sochi, and since this event usually takes place early in the year, most of the infrastructure will be up by Olympic time and all further adjustments for racing will have a good margin of time until the summer kicks in.

Austin, Korean, India have all suffer some sort of negative speculation, and in the case of Sochi there had been concerns that the F1 project may have to take a back seat. However, in the statement, the CEO of Formula Sochi, Alexander Bogdanov, confirmed the circuit construction was right on track.

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"The construction of the racing track in Sochi is going into high gear," he said. "The 5854 m long circuit is one of the longest in the Formula One World Championship. The autodrome will also host different racing series such as FIA GT World Series, FIA WEC, WTCC, Formula 3, and Russian national championships. We are working through the possibility of hosting motorcycle racing of highest level: Moto GP, World Superbike, and others.

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"More than a thousand engineering personnel and workers and 110 units of construction machinery are involved in the construction by OJSC 'Center of Omega', the developer of the Formula One Russian Grand Prix circuit. All the work is aimed at achieving the best quality of the future racing track. Control over construction is performed by designing company Tilke GmbH and Russian experts.

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The main grandstand from a "Model". (Photo: Formula Sochi)

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"Summing up 2012 results, it is safe to say that the company "Formula Sochi" gets into gear in the preparation of the Russian stage of Formula One Grand Prix, which includes the enhancing of working relations with international promoter. Close coordination with the group of Formula One companies headed by Bernie Ecclestone gives us a confidence that the Russian Grand Prix will be organized on time and at a high level."

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"Together with Omega and Formula Sochi we are deeply involved in the Russian Grand Prix project and we are glad that all works are going according to schedule considering the large amount of coordination necessary with the Olympic construction. There is no doubt that the circuit will be meeting all the requirements for Formula One and maybe also for the Moto GP.

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"The circuit is going to be very fast and technical and offering a number of interesting features. It is a fantastic facility with a great atmosphere and it will be outstanding as the circuit will run through the Olympic Park. I am very optimistic about the future of the unique race track in Sochi and am looking forward to a triumphant start of Formula One in Russia."

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Rendering of the track with blend with the work in progress. (Photo: Formula Sochi)

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