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V6 to deliver less horse power, eighth gear - Renault

Nevertheless, the overall total power output with be similar to today's.
Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February 27th, 2013 (GMM).- With the sophisticated 'ERS' energy recovery systems to complement next year's V6 engines, F1 is not set to lose much horse power.

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That is the claim of Rob White, engine supplier Renault's technical boss.

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"Today's engines produce around 750 horse power," White, referring to the normally aspirated V8 units that will be used for the very last time in 2013, told Speed Week.

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"In qualifying, with the high performance (ERS) system, we will come very close to this value (with the turbo V6s)," he explained.

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"In the race, with fuel consumption altering the objective, it will be at 550 to 600 hp," added White.

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In order to add the pending 150-200 Hp so the power output matches current levels, a devices -along with the Kers- will help to achive that. The new ‘Energy Recovery System’ (ERS) that uses exhaust heat energy (ERS-H) that is recovered by two electric motor-generator units named MGU-H and MGU-K.

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Another change next year is the move from 7-speed to 8-speed gearboxes.

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Fans and promoters are, however, worried about the inferior sound of the new 1.6 litre units.

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"The concern is unfounded," White insisted. "The new engines are loud and the sound does justice to formula one.

"The glowing turbo is also a spectacle visually."

White said F1's engine makers are currently negotiating about possibly being allowed to test the V6 engines in the weeks before the usual February test period next year.

Finally, as the teams consider the higher cost of being engine customers in 2014 and beyond, White explained: "We hope to be able to balance the cost against the fact that we will have stable rules for at least seven years."

The new Renault F1 Turbo Engine.

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