Paddock Chronicles: Australian GP – Sunday

The Daily Journal of our correspondents as they attend the Australian Grand Prix in tis final day of action.
Monday, March 18, 2013

Melbourne, March 17, 2013 (F1plus/G. Polychronis).- Due to Saturday’s washout, our Australian correspondents enjoyed a much lighter workload than Friday and Thursday, however Sunday proved to be their busiest day of the whole race weekend.

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Jacob and Gabriel arrived late to the action, due to many roads being blocked off by the Melbourne council. They were forced into a mad sprint to reach the F1 Paddock area and arrived with approximately five minutes remaining in Q2. This was just enough time for our F1plus representatives to gain knowledge of the current qualifying situation and for them to assume their necessary positions, which was Jacob in the media centre and Gabriel in the media pen.

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The media immediately consumed the drivers as they dropped out of qualifying and into the pen. These media scrums were becoming part of the game and Gabriel found no problems gaining valuable quotes from drivers.

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As soon as qualifying was done, Jacob moved into the press conference room to question the top 3 qualifiers, while Gabriel stayed in the pen to meet the rest of the field.

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As soon as the post qualifying media operations were over with, it was time to hit the keyboard and report on the action that should have been completed the previous day.

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As per usual, many journalists and photographers alike were keenly awaiting the hour hand of their watches to reach two, which could only mean one thing: Ferrari Hospitality’s lunch. After the meal, Gabriel decided to take the reigns of Ferrari’s coffee machine in order to make the traditional post lunch Espresso. This was not the best idea of the day however, as a fellow journalist from a foreign publication mistook Gabriel as Ferrari’s dedicated barista. He played along with the idea nonetheless and made the man a coffee, as well as Jacob’s and his own.

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Our Australian reporters withdrew from the paddock and back to the media centre to finish their respective articles.

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The start of the race slowly approached and eventually the race was ‘go, go, go!’

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Jacob and Gabriel, secretly barracking for Mark Webber, eagerly watched his start, which was yet another text book disaster from the Aussie. Gabriel sought answers from Red Bull team principle, Christian Horner, which revealed that a KERS issue rather than a racing error botched Webber’s start.

The race progressed as our correspondents took important notes to support further questioning after the race.

Considering Gabriel missed the qualifying press conference, it was Jacob’s turn to experience the media scrum of the pen post-race. This meant that Gabriel had to endure what was an extremely boring post-race press conference.

By the end of the press conference, the sun was almost completely set and Gabriel’s job was to question Williams’ drivers, Pastor Maldonado and Valtteri Bottas.

Before reaching the Williams area, Gabriel encountered Jackie Stewart for what would be the last time for the year. For this reason, he felt obliged to request a photograph with the triple world champion.

Gabriel with Jackie Stewart

After the niceties with Stewart had concluded, Gabriel arrived at the Williams interview area while Jacob headed to Ferrari to question Felipe Massa. Gabriel arrived on time and found that he had to remind Williams employees that Maldonado was scheduled for an interview with web media. They directed him to a small room, hardly suitable for 5 people, which were how many people that were in there to interview Maldonado. Gabriel, alongside another journalist from an unidentified publication seemed to conduct the interview with other members of the media timidly recording the Venezuelan’s words. Valtteri was shortly brought in after Maldonado, and it was again the same situation.

Gabriel emerged from the Williams area and was greeted by a paddock lit up only by artificial light. He once again returned to the media centre to produce a report on the previous press conference and to publish words from Maldonado and Bottas.

Dinner for our reporters consisted of jam cakes and instant coffee. A proper dinner had to be skipped in order to complete what needed to be done for

Their business at the Albert Park media centre had come to an end, and it was time for them to part ways with the desk that had served as the core for all their media proceedings.

A massive sense of accomplishment struck our correspondents as they gazed up at the F1 paddock sign for the last time, knowing that they had truly benefited

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