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Bahrain GP Pit Stop Chart

Let's have a quick review of the times spent in pits by drivers and how that impacted or not the final results.
Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 24th, 2013 (f1plus/ E. Black).- Here is a compiled quick chart on the pit stops from the Bahrain Grand Prix. It shows who pitted when and what compound was fitted. If nothing else, it shows the overall consistency of compound life. It also gives us a brief overview of who was more gentle or harsh on their tyres on this particular circuit.

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As we can see, Kimi Raikkonen and Paul Di Resta were able to get away with running a two stop strategy. This makes a strong argument supporting that the Pirelli tyres may not be as sinister as they are being made out to be. Given the right setup, it is possible to make better use of the P-Zeros.

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We also did a quick analysis of pit stop delta timing between race winner SebastianVettel and Fernando Alonso. Vettel had a total pit stop delta time of 1:04.856 vs Alonso's 1:26.803. This is a difference of 21.947 seconds. Alonso finished the race in 8th position, 37.5 seconds behind Vettel.

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If we were to assume that Alonso would not have had to make an additional stop for his malfunctioning DRS, (providing all other circumstances being equal) we can assume that Alonso would have been (approx.) 15.553 seconds behind Vettel. That gap would have put the Spaniard six seconds behind Räikkönen and four seconds ahead of Grosjean. The issue Alonso experienced with his DRS may have well cost him a podium finish in Bahrain.

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Of course this is all theoretical. There is no way to know what else may have happened. We wouldn't know how to calculate how much time Alonso lost running the better part of two laps with his DRS flap wide open. We don't know if Alonso might have been able to run in clear air or if he would have spent more or less time in traffic. His battles with Perez and Button may have cost him time as well.

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Could he have challenged Räikkönen or Vettel? I suppose we'll never know.

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Driver Start Stop 1 Stop 2 Stop 3 Stop 4 Stop 5
VET MED Lap 10 Hard Lap 25 Hard Lap 42 Hard N/A N/A
RAI MED Lap 16 Hard Lap 35 Hard N/A N/A N/A
GRO HARD Lap 8 Hard Lap 27 Med Lap42 Med N/A N/A
DIR MED Lap 14 Hard Lap 36 Hard N/A N/A N/A
HAM MED Lap 10 Med Lap 22 Hard Lap 38 Hard N/A N/A
PER MED Lap 10 Hard Lap 20 Hard Lap 39 Hard N/A N/A
WEB MED Lap 8 Hard Lap 21 Hard Lap 37 Hard N/A N/A
ALO MED Lap 7 Hard Lap 8 Hard Lap 24 Hard Lap 39 Hard N/A
ROS MED Lap 9 Hard Lap 20 Hard Lap 33 Med Lap 44 Med N/A
BUT MED Lap 9 Hard Lap 21 Hard Lap 34 Hard Lap 46 Med N/A
MAL MED Lap 10 Hard Lap 23 Hard Lap 39 Hard N/A N/A
HUL HARD Lap 12 Hard Lap 26 Med Lap41 Med N/A N/A
SUT MED Lap 1 Hard Lap 18 Hard Lap42 Med N/A N/A
BOT HARD Lap 13 Med Lap 29 Med Lap 47 Hard N/A N/A
MAS HARD Lap 10 Hard Lap 17 Med Lap 28 Hard Lap 36 Med N/A
RIC MED Lap 9 Hard Lap 25 Hard Lap 41 Hard N/A N/A
PIC MED Lap 11 Hard Lap 23 Hard Lap 35 Hard N/A N/A
GUT HARD Lap 1 Hard Lap 16 Hard Lap 33 Med Lap 43 Med N/A
BIA MED Lap 9 Hard Lap 22 Hard Lap 36 Hard Lap 48 Med N/A
CHI MED Lap 10 Hard Lap 23 Hard Lap 37 Hard Lap 46 Med N/A
VDG MED Lap 2 Hard Lap 14 Med Lap 24 Hard Lap3 7 Med Lap 46 Hard
VER MED Lap 2 Hard N/A N/A N/A N/A

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