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Thursday Press - silence is golden

Ambient conditions set the mood during the day at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.
Friday, June 7, 2013

June 6th, 2013 (F1plus/E. Black).- It wasn't a very eventful day in the Paddock in Canada today. It was generally quiet in terms of energy level, perhaps the grey cloudy skies and constant light rain had something to do with it.

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It also seems as thought the the media has not quite had their fill of the Mercedes/Pirelli tyre story. Just as popular a story seems to be Sergio Perez's aggressive driving style. Neither of which was getting any feedback from any of the drivers when asked.

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During the FIA drivers press conference, drivers avoided answering questions regarding both hot topics as though they were playing a game of hot potato. Some drivers even avoided eye contact with the media. Clearly, they've all been coached to dismiss the questions and not comment.

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This actually started yesterday during the FOTA Forum where some questions were sidestepped. In today's driver conference, Alex Popov from RTR asked the driver panel if they would comment on Perez's race in Monaco and if they agreed with Kimi's comments, one could hear crickets chirping. In fact only Jean Eric and Charles Pic commented with a non-comment.

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Paolo Ianieri from Gazzetta Dello Sport tried his luck when he asked Nico Rosberg why he and Lewis work annonymous helmets during the test. A valid question, but also one that did not receive an answer. Rosberg simply said, "Don't want to comment on that, Sorry".

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F1Plus was present and steered away from the obvious elephant in the room (tyre testing fiasco and an aggressive Perez).

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A 'gloomy' paddock area today.

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