FIA power struggle on horizon?

It seemed that Jean Todt was going to run unopposed for his second term as FIA president. Now it appears that may not be the case. So who might run against him? The answer might surprise you.
Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 24th, 2013 (F1plus/E. Black).- Jean Todt has been a fairly quiet and low key leader behind the scenes. Sometimes I think of him as the great and powerful OZ. A fictions character playing the role of an almighty wizard in the children's classic tale of the Wizard of OZ. Don't ask my why, however its been one association I've never been able to shake.

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We never really heard much from the Frenchman at the helm of the FIA until recently. Arguably it started with the whole ‘TyreGate’ affair between Mercedes, Pirelli and the FIA and again when the issue arose with the possible safety concerns of the Pirelli tyres delaminating.

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Some see this assertive behavior and more vocal Todt trying to be more visible as the time approaches for FIA presidency re-election. Others see it as a display of a Napoleon Complex symptom. Jean Todt has never really displayed any of these inferiority symptoms before, so I'm going to put my money on the first option.

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So why be vocal, assertive and visible now? Especially if no one seems to be interested in running against him in the elections? Perhaps because there is someone who may just be ready to announce his intentions for the President's chair.

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Jean Todt, current FIA President.

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Who you might ask? Max Mosley? Would he come back and try to wrestle power away from the man who replaced him? Possible but doubtful in my estimation. Mosley may still have a hand in running the FIA but not from a public post. Staying out of the limelight but still being able to pull some strings like a puppet master may still be possible. Perhaps that might be painting a picture that isn't quite accurate, however, that might be the public perception if his old mate David Ward runs against Todt and wins.

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Ward may actually be a welcome change for some who have been unhappy with Todt's direction. It's no secret that the Frenchman and Bernie don't quite see eye to eye. That comment had nothing to do with their height (or lack thereof).

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Ward currently occupies the position of director-general of FIA Foundation for the Automobile and Society. He may not hold the same sporting prowess as Ari Vatanen who lost out to Todt in the first round of elections, however he may have the ear and support of many of the players in F1.

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