The wait is over - F1 Returns

The old saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, can certainly be applied to many things including Formula One.
Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 22nd, 2013 (F1plus/E. Black).- I equate the start to the second half of the F1 season to that feeling I used to get as a young boy, the night before Christmas. I knew I would awaken in the wee hours of the morning and rush down to open the gifts under the tree.

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Young children await spring break and summer holidays with the same excitement. Two lovers, apart, longing for the day they meet again, embrace and kiss… The long wait for something we desire, which is sometimes unbearably long, makes whatever we await, that much sweeter.

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Formula One fans are a special breed. If it were up to us, there would never be a break in the F1 action. We scour the web looking for news, photos, and videos between races. We’re plugged into social media and anxiously await the first sign of news or interaction.

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We’re so starved from our beloved sport’s absence that we even entertain some of the craziest rumours the media would have us believe. The silly season gets sillier with every passing day and our minds race with the possibilities. Suddenly, waking up at 2:00am to watch F1 isn’t a big deal, but waking up for an early shift at work has us dragging our heals or even contemplating calling in sick.

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I can appreciate the summer break now. I understand that it has its purposes. It is important for teams and drivers to have time to recharge and break loose from extremely high level of stress they endure almost all year long. While there may not be much action between the last race of the season and the car launches, many of us forget that back in the factories, the tireless work to be the best does not subside.

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It is however tough for journalists who make a living reporting F1 news when there is nothing to report. Very few people consider the effects of the break for those who rely on the sport to pay the bills. Getting paid “by the article” is great when there is something newsworthy to report, but when everything shuts down, it becomes increasingly difficult to pay the bills.

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A by-product of the holidays/breaks (which isn’t always apparent) is that they keep fans hungry. Chatting with Oliver Weingarten from FOTA once, I asked if he ever considered putting on more of the highly successful FOTA Fan Forums, to which his response was simply, “Less is more”…He was absolutely right. Less can often be more.

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The basic laws of economics are based on a similar principle of Supply vs Demand. When supply doesn’t quite equal demand, suddenly something becomes more valuable, more bankable, more marketable and more desirable. If super cars were more attainable by the general population (for example), they would certainly lose some of their allure.

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Many of us have been in a frenzy over the last week in anticipation for this weekend’s Belgian GP. An epic circuit with history and character which rarely disappoints. How many of us are counting the days until the release of Ron Howard’s movie, RUSH? Finally! A Formula One movie about an incredible true story of two remarkable racing legends by a “Bona Fide” Hollywood director!
Well my heart is fond enough of F1…let’s get this season back on track now please!

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