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F1 supremo hoping Bahrain GP goes ahead

Teams are a little reluctant given the logistics hassle that might bring re-accommodating the schedule.
Thursday, June 2, 2011

PARIS, May 31, 2011 (AFP) - Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone said Tuesday that he was hopeful that the Bahrain Grand Prix would be reinstated on the Grand Prix calendar this year. The race in Bahrain was due to open the 2011 season, but was postponed due to the political turmoil and civil unrest in the Gulf state.

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"If there's peace there and they're happy, we're happy to compromise and make things happen for them," Ecclestone told CNN in an interview. A rescheduled Bahrain race could fill the slot currently reserved for the inaugural Indian GP in Delhi from October 28-30, Ecclestone said.

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The World Motor Sport Council is scheduled to meet on June 3 to decide whether Bahrain be given the green light this season, two days after the current state of emergency is lifted in the kingdom.

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"I think the teams are happy. If it's safe and everything is good then I think the teams will be happy to support it," Ecclestone said. "We've always tried to keep out of politics and religion and things like that. I don't really know and I don't know if people have ever found out exactly what the problems are," he told CNN.

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"I think it started there (Bahrain) for the same reason it did in Tunisia. And it becomes catching -- 'why don't we do the same?'"

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