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FIA Presidency: Team Principals want stability

Team principals praised Todt’s job as FIA president and said stability was important for the sport.
Sunday, September 8, 2013

MONZA, September 7th, 2013 (F1plus/R. Baillie).- Team principals rarely agree on something but during yesterday’s press conference in Monza they appeared to support Jean Todt as president and agreed that the sport needed stability and consistency.

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On Friday David Ward (advisor to former FIA president Max Mosley) published his agenda, titled Agenda for Change, which looks to tackle key issues including resources, reducing costs and change the way the FIA is managed.

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Some team principals appeared to come out in support of Todt, who announced on Saturday that he would fight Ward, saying stability and consistency was important for the sport.

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“I think that in Formula One it’s important to proceed with stability and continuity - it’s one of the things that we are always missing.” Domenicali said.

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Kaltenborn echoed the Italian’s comments saying “most important is the stability and the continuity of the sport.” Adding that whoever was elected President would have some decisions to make.

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“I think we all know there are many challenging issues we are facing and in any case I hope that whoever comes up with the presidency will take up these issues and continue what has started and take it to the next level. Because we are clearly reaching a point where certain decisions have to be taken ahead.”

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Whitmarsh praised Todt saying he felt he had acted in the interests of motorsport.

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“I won’t got back into the past but I’ve seen and survived so far three presidents but I think Jean has acted in the interests of motorsport.” The McLaren team principal said.

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Red Bull’s team principal Horner agreed with Whitmarsh saying “I think as the others have summarized, he’s done a very good job in his presidency so far.”

Brawn, who worked alongside Todt at Ferrari during Ferrari’s dominant years, also agreed that stability was important and praised the Frenchman saying, “I think stability and consistency are very important.”

“I think the opportunity to do another period as president of the FIA is important, that we have that continuity. I think Jean has stabilized the situation and now wants to move on to progress things and I know the huge commitment he makes to the sport overall.” Brawn said.

Marussia’s Lowdon meanwhile welcomed the idea of debate.

“A general point is that democracy is a good thing, isn’t it? So you’ve got to welcome that process. I had a very quick look at the manifesto that come out from one of the candidates and there’s lots of topics that it’s good to have healthy debate on those topics.” Lowdon said.

The election for FIA president takes place in December.

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