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Pirelli threatens to quit over lack of testing

Formula One's tyre supplier is threatening to pull out of the sport if the FIA cannot make a plan for a tyre test before the end of 2013
Saturday, October 26, 2013

GREATER NOIDA, India, October 26th, 2013 (F1Plus / AFP) - Pirelli has warned it may be forced to quit Formula One if it is not given enough time to test its tyres before new engines are introduced next season, reports said.

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Paul Hembery, motorsport director of Formula One's official supplier, said Pirelli wouldn't be able to provide tyres if there were no tests before the end of this year.

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The Italian manufacturer wants to try out the tyres before cars roll out with their new turbo motors, ordered in a shake-up of engine specifications, in official testing late January in Spain.

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"It (testing) must be able to run before the end of the year otherwise we cannot make the tyres in time for the first test at Jerez," Hembery told reporters at the Indian Grand Prix.

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"We have to do some testing, if we can't then we'll not be able to provide the tyres," he added.

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Hembery said discussions had started towards finding a solution but he admitted that a pre-Christmas test was a long shot.

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Pirelli's tyres have been criticised for being too fragile this year, especially early in the season, after rapid disintegration and several blow-outs.

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Motorsports governing body the FIA recently announced Pirelli will continue in the sport beyond 2013, but no formal contract has been signed.

French tyre giant Michelin has also indicated it was interested in a return to F1, but it may be too late for it to step in time for 2014 should Pirelli pull out.

The final race of the year is in Brazil in late November, limiting the testing window.

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