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Kobayashi worried about 'submarining' noses

The Japanese driver impacted Massa last race in Australia with his Caterham car going under the Brazilian's.
Friday, March 28, 2014

March 28th, 2-14 (GMM).- Kamui Kobayashi has confirmed he is worried about the safety of this year's low nose designs.

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Before the season began, Red Bull designer Adrian Newey expressed concern about the new, low front noses, arguing not only that they are ugly, but they might also be dangerous.

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The reduced height minimises the risk of cars being launched into the air, but "I am concerned the opposite may now happen, that cars now (will) submarine effectively," the Briton had said.

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Indeed, alarming images of the crash involving Kamui Kobayashi and Felipe Massa at the first corner in Melbourne subsequently emerged, showing the front of Kobayashi's Caterham 'submarining' under the diffuser of Massa's Williams.

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"It was a very serious problem," Japanese Kobayashi was quoted in Malaysia by Brazil's Globo, "and it can be very dangerous for drivers.

"I think I was lucky not to be hurt -- if it had happened at Monza, the outcome could have been different.

"We need to seriously discuss what happened," he continued, "because the design of the noses was changed just for safety.

"If they are more dangerous, then I think we need to talk again about what we need to change in the regulations."

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