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Lewis Hamilton getting emotional over his title chances

The McLaren driver is clearly disappointed with he latest results and seeing Vettel so strong and confortable at the top, affects him (and anyone).
Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 27 (Andrés Rojas).- The European Grand Prix was a tough one for two particular teams: Mercedes and McLaren. For the England located and one his drivers, Lewis Hamilton, emotions are running high.

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Just after the race, Hamilton was quoted saying that "It's finished really. In the sense of the championship it's almost over already."

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Hamilton finished fourth, but it was palpable to notice that his McLaren looked out of pace. At the time when he crossed the chequered flag, the Brit was full 46 behind Vettel, and there were no accidents or incidents or even rain to justify it, just plain “boring racing” and still Button and him ended up far from the winner .

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With several press reports stating that the Englishman feels he has no chance of winning at home in Britain, Hamilton has responded via his personal Twitter account.

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"I'm not looking forward to it," he told reporters in Spain. "I'm really not looking forward to it. Of course, I'm really looking forward to seeing the fans because they always put a spark in the weekend and make it that much brighter. And I'll be going there as prepared as I can, racing as fast as I can, but we really might struggle."

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On Monday morning, however, he did attempt to take back his earlier comments, telling his followers through his Twitter account that he was not yet ready t concede defeat in the title race.
"To all our supporters, ignore what you read in the papers today. My team will never give up and I WILL NEVER GIVE UP! Bring on Silverstone, your support will make a world of difference to us. I'm going to the factory now to do all I can with our team."

Hamilton during the European GP.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

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