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World Motor Sport Council approve F1 changes for 2015

Rule changes include: standard re-starts after a safety car and drivers are only allowed four engines.
Friday, June 27, 2014
27th June, 2014 (F1 Plus / Rosie Baillie) - Last night the World Motor Sport Council approved a number of rule changes to the Formula One sporting and technical regulations for the 2015 season onwards.
Perhaps the biggest change to the sport is that cars will have a standing re-start after a safety car period, which has attracted negative comments from both drivers and fans.
Drivers will also see a decrease in the number of engines allowed per season. They are currently allowed five however under next years regulations they will only be allowed four.
Tyre blankets will not be allowed next year, however it will be rediscussed if 'wheel and tyre diameter increases' and cars will be in parc ferme conditions from the start of free practice three.
A full list of changes to F1's sporting regulations:
  • Safety Car restarts will now be a standing start from the grid. Standing starts will not be carried out if the Safety Car is used within two laps of the start (or restart) of a race or if there are less than five laps of the race remaining.
  • The number of engines permitted by each driver in a season will be four. However, if there are more than 20 races in a season, the number will increase to five. (Drivers are currently allowed five engines)
  • The penalty for a complete change of Power Unit will be starting from the back of the grid, not the pit lane.
  • The number of wind tunnel runs will be reduced from 80 hours per week to 65 hours per week.
  • Wind-on hours are to be reduced from 30 hours per week to 25 hours.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) usage is to be reduced from 30 Teraflops to 25 Teraflops.
  • Two periods of tunnel occupancy will be allowed in one day (rather than only one).
  • Teams will only be able to nominate one wind tunnel in one year.
  • There will be three pre-season tests of four days each in Europe in 2015 (currently teams are able to test outside Europe). This will be reduced to two tests of four days in 2016.
  • There will be two in-season tests of two days each in Europe (instead of the current four). Two of these four days must be reserved for young drivers.
  • The current restrictions to the parc fermé will now apply from the start of P3 instead of the start of qualifying.
  • The ban on tyre blankets will be rescinded for 2015. This will be re-discussed if and when the wheel and tyre diameter increases in the future.
  • The Friday night curfew will be extended from six to seven hours in 2015 and will increase to eight hours in 2016.
There have been a few changes made to technical regulations, which are as follows:
  • A number of new regulations for the noses to ensure improved safety and to provide more aesthetically pleasing structures.
  • A number of new regulations concerning skid blocks to ensure that they are made from a lighter material (titanium) and are better contained.
  • New regulations to ensure that the brake discs rotate at the same speed as the wheels.
  • A two-stage wheel fastener retaining system is now compulsory.

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