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Perez expects a strong weekend for Force India

Partly due to the likely non-running of FRIC, Sergio Perez expects a fruitful Hockenheim weekend for Force India
Thursday, July 17, 2014

HOCKENHEIM, July 17, 2014 (F1plus/Graham Keilloh).- After a difficult time at Silverstone for Force India last time out, Sergio Perez expects the team to bounce back at Hockenheim this weekend. This is because the German track and likely weather conditions Perez reckons should suit the car a lot more. In addition, the Mexican believes that the likely non-running of infamous ‘FRIC’ suspension systems will also benefit his team.

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Perez admitted that the Force India’s FRIC system was behind those of most of the team’s rivals in terms of development, and therefore that it is likely that no team will risk running it this weekend should be a benefit to Force India.

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“I don’t expect we’ll have a big impact on our car’ said Perez, ‘some teams have developed a lot more the system and a much (more) advanced system than us so they might have a bigger impact than we do.”

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Perez also confirmed too that the Silverstone team won’t run a FRIC system this weekend: ‘We won’t run it, it’s pretty much taken the decision from the senior management that we won’t run it.

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While according to Perez McLaren, which some reports suggest was at the forefront of pushing to have the system outlawed, never got the system to run ‘properly’ when he was there in 2013. “At McLaren we never managed to get it running properly. I don’t know if they’re doing (it) this year but last year certainly not.”

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He did note that getting the system to work well is not easy “It’s not such an easy system, so I suspect not many teams do have a very advanced system.”

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The likely removal of FRIC from teams up and down the grid wasn’t the only reason for the Mexican’s optimism, as he thinks both Silverstone’s layout and wind conditions didn’t suit the Force India car, and Hockenheim on both counts should help the team have a more representative showing.

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“We always knew that Silverstone was going to be a tricky one for us and we went into Silverstone and it was a bit worse than expected…the pace was not really there, all weekend we struggled” said Perez.

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“So I expect this weekend we will be back to our level and I expect to come out of the weekend with an amount of points for our fight in the fourth position in the constructors.

“I think our car is more sensitive to it (the wind) and with the layout there (at Silverstone) being such long corners, plus you have the wind, we don’t have the efficiency other cars do have. In other places we can compensate, for example with the traction and with the straight line braking that is good on our car. I think Silverstone…goes against all of our weaknesses.

“I think here…we should be really strong.”

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