Who We Are

We are a compact but solid group of Formula 1 and motorsports fans with a thing for technology and the Internet.

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We started F1plus.com few years back as an idea with the plan in mind of bringing the “Big Circus” in a more engaging way to all those who followed the sport regardless of their level of commitment or consumption.

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Basically we brainstormed the website that you see around three premises:

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  • The creation of engaging content through a unique and professional offer of information presented in an outstanding and valuable format to enhance the user experience.
  • To make it visually appealing to the eye, and superbly structured with the purpose of making its navigation and usability processes a smooth ones.
  • To connect fans, our team and sport’s connoisseurs in a community through the participation in the production of the content by the sharing of thoughts and insights.

This is why F1plus has a historical database that covers the sport from its inception. This is also why our standings interactive table is one of kind. This is why our visual elements closely resemble those in the Formula 1 world.

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At F1plus we embrace opinions and intelligent conversations about the sport we all love. Passion reveals many things that otherwise would not. Passion drives people to go beyond their comfort lines. Passion gives a sense of purpose. And, we are all passionate about Formula 1.

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We encourage the participation of those passionate fans, especially those looking for a career in journalism, or if already there, looking to expand their reach, and even for some, just to share their educated opinions.

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Our enterprise goal goes well beyond F1plus in its peak and all what that entails. Our vision is to transform the “niche” online publishing with superbly formed and well rounded websites that offer much more than traditional outlets, while offering a mix of perspectives that gives the audience a deeper look at what they crave.

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If you wish to Advertise, please send a message with your interest to: advertising@f1plus.com

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If you wish to enquire about other business opportunities or to editorially contribute, please send message to: info@f1plus.com. We will respond as soon as possible.

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Nov 2
United States

F1 Standings

1 Lewis Hamilton 291
2 Nico Rosberg 274
3 Daniel Ricciardo 199
4 Valtteri Bottas 145
5 Sebastian Vettel 143
6 Fernando Alonso 139
1 Mercedes 565
2 Red Bull Racing 342
3 Williams F1 216
4 Ferrari 186
5 McLaren 149
6 Sahara Force India 120

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Last F1 Race

Russian Grand Prix
Sochi, Sochi International Circuit
Lewis Hamilton
Nico Rosberg
Valtteri Bottas
Williams F1
Fastest Lap

Valtteri Bottas

Pole Position

Lewis Hamilton

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