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I’m Gary (@MarshallGP), from Sheffield, England. I’ve been writing about F1 and other forms of motorsport for the last 18 months on my blog marshallgp.com. I’ve held a deep passion for F1 from an early age. I grew up during the mighty turbo era with cars producing over 1,400 BHP! I’m a lifelong supporter of the Williams Grand Prix team and grew up supporting Nigel Mansell.

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Recently I’ve become involed in the UK motorsports industry, working as a logistics co- ordinator for events such as BTCC, DTM, F2 and F3. Working with the F1 stars of tomorrow is a real buzz.

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I’m excited to be asked to contribute to this great site and I hope you all enjoy reading my column.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Racing Line - Where are the track limits?

Nowadays we have seen many incidents involving the interpretation of the rules and convenient understating of the 'track limits'. Why we need to see the return of gravel traps? Read more »

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Racing Line - DRS

Drag Reduction System was widely welcomed into F1 in 2011. With Pirelli’s rubber contributing greatly to the spectacle, does F1 still need DRS? | by Gary Marshall | Read more »

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