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22 September 2013
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I live and breathe Formula One, so it only made sense that I try to make some sort of living from it. My goal is to be a Formula One journalist in some capacity. Engrossing myself in the sport is what I aim to do.

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I've been an avid fan since 2010 but watched on and off beforehand. When I watched the 2010 Belgian Grand Prix all the way through, I fell completely in love with the sport. I haven't missed a race since.

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I write about Formula One on my blog, itsanf1life.com. Here, I mostly voice my opinions about the sport. I use my blog as a platform to get my own view on the sport out, rather than just regurgitating news that everyone already knows. This has been my philosophy ever since I started writing about Formula One.

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I also am the sole Formula One writer for RantSports.com. This is where you will find me writing more newsy articles (with an opinionated flair) as well as other opinion pieces. Anytime I get to write about Formula One, I use it wisely.

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You can follow me on twitter @CCassingham and follow my blog at itsanf1life.com.

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Chris Cassingham's Articles

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Coming second more than just bragging rights to Lotus

Price money will be significant, but financial needs might dictate who will replace Raikkonen. Read more »

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Two new battles heat up as Championship winds down

Several teams fight to finish the season in a higher position and bring more price money back home. Read more »

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