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My fantatism for Formula 1 is something that has grown overtime. Everything started with my oldman, who used to watch all races and and come home early in the morning so we could watch them with him.

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Of course, being that in the 80s, the memories of Prost, Senna & Mansell are very strong. It was interesting growing up in a house were the frenchman was more appreciated given the country's heritage in my family, but at the same experiencing the thrill that the type of racing Ayrton Senna and the "lion" Nigel used to provide very often.

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It was so vivid the experience of the Ayrton-Alain two crashes in 1989 and 1990 in Japan that I think it just got stuck forever somewhere in my brain. Even nowadays I get more agitated (yes that's the word I like) when I see again a clip of Senna racing like possesed by a demon after that silly incident with Prost at Japan 1989.

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Then Schumacher appeared and to me he was not that great back then, but when the Imola '94 happen, well...that was a tough one to digest. Then Williams came along with one of the best cars ever, but both drivers Hill and Villeneuve were horrible to inspire people.

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Fast forward to the forgetable 2000-04 period, even though sometimes we cheer for those who just dominate so we can tell the story later, I settle for contested championships and races, like the ones we had in 2008, 2010 and of course this one in 2012.

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At the end, nothing beats the roar of the engine, which funnily it could very different in person when compared to the TV (I mean the pitch). For example I never though of hearing the gear changes so easily.

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I have this dream. Since I can't drive as fast as Formula Ford driver, I would love to be in one of those Formula 1 two-seater cars and go around Spa for a spin. Don't take me wrong I want to do it by myself, but probably at 1/3 of the speed, so it would never be the same.

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As for the writing, well, we stared this site out of passion for the sport, and with the idea of providing information with a somewhat different approach. We hope it works, because it takes a lot of time and effort!

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Jueves, Marzo 20, 2014

It is not that bad. Let’s be patient

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Martes, Febrero 4, 2014

¿Por qué esos diseños en las trompas de los autos de F1 de 2014?

La pre-temporada ya empezó y ha destacando por supuesto esos diseños ‘horrendos’ de nariz que llevan la mayoría de los autos. Busquemos la razón. Leer más »

Martes, Septiembre 10, 2013

Will the “Iceman” wear red?

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Viernes, Mayo 24, 2013

¿Hasta cuando con Pirelli y este drama?

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Lunes, Mayo 20, 2013

Williams aiming for more for 'little steps'

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