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23 Septiembre 2012
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Good day people! I'm a 21-year-old Information Technology and Media Communications graduate from Lancaster University who's looking to break into the world of Formula 1 journalism.

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A fan since 1996, Formula 1 has played a huge part in my life and it's something that I want to continue for many years to come. The world of Formula 1 interests me greatly and the global platform on which it is displayed will hopefully allow me to progress through the ranks of reporting on the greatest sport the world has to offer. I've discovered a real passion and drive for writing in recent times and by combining this with my love of Formula 1, I've been able to produce a range of high quality and in-depth articles covering a variety of topics from the 2012 season.

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Hopefully you enjoy my ramblings on the sport and find my articles both different and interesting. Remember, we all have our own favourite drivers, teams and circuits, but we're all here for one reason, because we love Formula 1. Enjoy!

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You can read more of my stories, go to my blog The Racing Circus.

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Miércoles, Noviembre 6, 2013

Marussia vs Caterham - One year on

Both teams vie to finish 10th in the Constructors' Championship to have access to prize money. Leer más »

Miércoles, Octubre 2, 2013

Lotus - Flowering or floundering?

A top driver and surging one in a competitive team that seems to be just one little step behind, all the time. What is going on? Leer más »

Miércoles, Septiembre 4, 2013

Ricciardo smiles...but scrutiny will be tough

The Australian will replace countryman Webber for 2014 and will pair with already three-time (maybe four by then) champion Sebastian Vettel, not an easy task. Leer más »

Lunes, Agosto 19, 2013

Driving up the price

Let's go around the complex issue of the "pay drivers" where there's always more involved that what meets the eye. Leer más »

Jueves, Julio 4, 2013

Entertainment or safety?

The events at Silverstone will have undoubtedly opened the eyes of many to what can happen, but for sure, they added excitement to an already entertaining race. Leer más »

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