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What do we make out of Britain?

Once again we had the most constant teams on the top, and Webber delivered big time to secure an extension in his contract.
Miércoles, Julio 11, 2012

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July 11, 2012 (Surendhar).- At first there was the GP2 race won by Razia on Sunday morning, it was as competitive as always. There were no signs of arrival of the rain – typical British summer – soaked by rain throughout while on testing and setting the pace. When track temperature rose to 10 deg more halfway into the race: struggles for Schumacher and Rosberg.

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This could only mean a thing - the mighty Mercedes are still falling pray to the sun. Schumacher, despite slowing the pack before the beginning round of pit stops, drove a fabulous race to get passed Lewis for seventh. Pity on Rosberg who definitely had one of worst days at the office.

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The favourite hunting ground haunted back at Mclaren. Once they were premiere contenders in all possible weather but now as a consequence of poor showing at home they make people wonder where had the pace obscured in the last few races and how long will they take to regain it? They are good at catchup but this seems to get far more sophisticated.

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Jenson and Lewis consoled themselves after pulling off just five points where they should be at their best. Jenson lost toe-to-toe with his main rivals, only to seize a point finish when Hulkenberg went sideways while fighting with Senna. Hamilton barely held on to take eighth.

Redbull might have taken the victory but Ferrari’s downfall in constructors’ race had had bigger role for Massa having not taken points finishes. Massa had leaps and bounds since Monaco and clearly willing to ride along with Alonso as he fended off blistering Raikkonen to stand fourth.

He may well be on podium soon if he can continue his form of late. Ferrari has been improving significantly with regular visits to podium in the hands of Alonso and had he stayed out and extended his lead further in first stint he could have won at Silverstone.

Christain Horner would have bet against someone if he was asked could Webber beat Vettel. Much to his despair Webber became the second driver to win his second race of the season. Redbull’s pace was second to none but Ferrari were super quick on wets and Vettel drove an immaculate race to come home podium.

Webber is demanding a new contract literally by forcing himself as the top driver after the grandstand finish. There was no analogy between these two except the hunger to win which is hotting up so fiercely. In terms of having pace, I would say Redbull are the team to watch out for yet.

Raikkonen set the fastest race pace at the dying parts of the race as Lotus looked mighty quick in all times. Despite pitting as early as lap 2, Grosjean recovered strongly to finish behind his team-mate. Consistent pace is all that matters in this compulsive year of racing and Lotus sticking to it quite well in all the races.

The way the season goes Lotus will be looking to keep their momentum running by staying close to Ferrari and Redbull.You may argue about Bruno Senna struggling to get grips with Maldonado but the thing is that he is intelligent enough to bring home points when his team-mate fail to deliver.

Hulkenberg had last laps battle with Senna but lost out as he slithered off the track to become a non-point finisher. Like Wimbledon, not the great day for any British drivers as di Resta ended his race due to a puncture. Force India lacked the pace they had showed in Valencia but still having the edge on their main mid-field rivals.

Sergio Perez was furious after ending his race in a crash, he made a great start and he might have mixed it up had he finished. Maldonado fined 10k for his tangle with Perez despite it being a racing incident. Renault SportF1, the engine suppliers, were under question in Valencia when engine heating caused potential victory for Vettel and Grosjean. It didn’t change this time around as Petrov blown his engine before the race getting started and his team did nothing better to reel in Toro Rosso.

The way it stands, Mclaren are dropping out from their main rivals Lotus, Ferrari and Redbull at the end of the day!!!

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Noticias de Formula 1

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