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Rosberg, drivers need to "calm down"

The German along with Jenson Button have been victims of other impetuous moves on the track that have cost them races.
Martes, Octubre 16, 2012

October 16th, 2012 (F1plus / Jack Leslie).- Both Button and Rosberg were hit on the first lap in Korea, and have called for better driving standards. It is a topic which former F1 driver and BBC Radio 5 live commentator Jaime Alguersuari agrees with.
Rosberg was taken out of the Japanese Grand Prix on the first lap by Bruno Senna, but at last weekends Korean Grand Prix it was Kamui Kobayashi who wrecked his race.

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Buton was first hit by 2013 team mate Sergio Perez, before contact with Kobayashi ended his race. He slammed both drivers for what they contributed to the collisions, saying "Perez came from nowhere, dived up the inside and hit the car in front. So I had to move out of the way - it was too late really to make that move as it proved when he hit the car in front. "And then going down the back-straight, I was having a good little drag race with Nico Rosberg, then suddenly I felt a big bang on the right hand side and Kamui flying past. It is pretty poor driving standards considering this is the pinnacle of motorsport and it is such a long race.

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"These guys are going round having fun out there and fighting for points - the race is not two corners long and some people need to learn that and whether they will ever learn that we will see."

Speaking in a post race blog, Rosberg discussed the topic. The Mercedes driver said "All in all really the two weeks, Japan and here, has just been really poor, terrible to go out on the first lap both times. There's a bunch of drivers that are pushing too much and taking too many risks."

"They need to calm down a bit I think." was his final thought, and it is true. Could it be the pressure? Drivers are under huge pressure to impress and some obviously think it is all down to the first lap, which it is not. Romain Grosjean learnt his lesson after his punishment and drove a mature race in Korea.

BBC Radio 5 live analyst Jaime Alguersuari, who raced for Toro Rosso from 2009-2011 agreed with both drivers. Speaking to the BBC's Andrew Benson, he said "I believe a lot of drivers are pushing too hard at the start because they are under pressure. They try for something that is not there and over-reach the limit. They just need to understand themselves, to be patient, to relax and make themselves free to do whatever they need to do in the race. "

So are drivers trying too hard? Should they just try and keep their noses clean, or do we want to see them fighting tooth and nail for their position in the early stages?

Personally, I enjoy the excitement of a dramatic start and it produces a great talking point but it changes the whole story of the race. Who knows where Button could have finished in Korea, it does ruin what could be a strong race or battle for some.

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