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McLaren to celebrate 50 years at Monza

Button and Perez with their minds in accumulating more points in a very special weekend for the team.
Lunes, Septiembre 2, 2013

September 1st, 2013 (F1plus).- No doubt, probably 50 years as an organization in any sport is an achievement, but fifty years in Formula 1 one as a team is more than that. McLaren goes to Monza to celebrate its five decades, and surely they will brag that during that time no team collected more victories than them, 182, impressive.

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Hamilton brought a nice win last year at Monza, and even though the team has no hopes for that to happen this time around, they want to keep their upward trend and motivation in such a special weekend.

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The constant high speed nature of this track (the fastest of the calendar) requires a low downforce configuration, and the MP4-28, will try its best to make the most out it.

Last race at Spa Jenson Button put up a good fight an earned a very valuable 6th place finish.

The Briton, like many others, has a soft sport for Monza and its legacy.

“I’ve always loved Monza. I really enjoy circuits that have a bit of history to them, and Monza has that in abundance – it’s one of the greatest tracks on the calendar.

“The place is unique: ever since we lost the ‘old’ Hockenheim, this has been the only place on the calendar where you run a really super-low downforce configuration. And you can feel it – the car accelerates up to speed incredibly quickly, feels skittish and loose when you’re running flat-out, and can be tricky and unpredictable under braking.

“When you have the car hooked up beneath you, you get into a special kind of rhythm around Monza: you’re going so fast that the whole lap just flows together. There’s nowhere quite like it.” The 2009 Champions said.

Button could share his excitement about the significance of the weekend ahead of him and his team.

“So it’s really appropriate that McLaren will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in the paddock over the Monza weekend. Both names are synonymous with motorsport history – you couldn’t imagine Formula 1 without them – so I’ll be hoping for a strong result to show the strength and depth that we have as a team.”

The Briton’s teammate, Sergio Perez also does not hide his excitement about the upcoming race in such a legendary track.

“Monza is probably the most beautiful circuit in Formula 1 – it’s just so historic; from the moment you arrive, you can feel it’s just different from any other place we visit.

“In fact, I had one of my best races in Formula 1 at Monza last year – everything came right on Sunday afternoon, I looked after the tyres beautifully and overtook Fernando Alonso on my way to finishing second, which equals my best-ever result in the sport. That was a fantastic day.” The 23 year-old driver said.

The Mexican could not do better than 11th during the Belgian GP, but he has his hopes up for this weekend.

“After the disappointment of Spa, where we had the pace to score points, I’m keen to get another shot. As in Hungary and Belgium, we don’t expect to have a car that’ll be capable of fighting right at the front, but I hope we’ll be scrapping for points positions. That’s always fun, because then it’s really down to the team and the driver to maximize every opportunity on the day.

“When you’re racing hard like that, a good lap in quali or a clever strategy in the race can make all the difference to your result – and that's great to experience. So, as always, I’ll be looking to push on every lap.” Perez Said.

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